Partagas Churchill de Luxe

A monster of a cigar, like a grandiose and overweight statesman… so much smoke you have to sit down and shudder your jowls.

Truly, an obscene amount of tobacco. I’ve never smoked a Cuban this big before; it’s like smoking a cannon. But what an experience. Easier on the draw and subtly stronger than Romeo y Julietas, it actually changes, in terms of smoking experience, in the course of the full 50 minutes it takes to consume. On the third puff especially, about a third of the way in, there’s like a forest fire of action at the tip. The operative word, though, is powerfully smooth. In a very big way. Maybe not so strong on nicotine highs (unlike the headache-inducing hit of Flagship rollies), but a complete tobacco experience nonetheless, almost exhausting; I feel I’ve reduced my life expectancy by several weeks. Word up to Olav Huslid for bringing me this behemoth smoke, and word to the finer things and qualities in life, especially the ones that demand time.